Clean Checks take place Thursdays, every other week, alternating boys & girls. Checks will start around 1:00 pm. All apartments will be checked until the entire complex is complete. (Depending on the condition of the apartments this could take a while, but hopefully it will be fast). Please be ready, we want you to pass with flying colors.
- The Clean Check Sheet is laminated in your apartment.  If it is missing, please let management know.

- Leave the sheet on your counter or fridge.

- Every Job must be signed up for - no matter how many live in your apartment.

- Next to your name, circle which bed you are in.

(First Bed in the apartment closest to the Living Room is Bed A. Last Bed closest to the Bathroom is Bed F)

- If you fail a $10.00 recheck fee will be added to your account. Rechecks are on Fridays.